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COVID-19 cases still surging

COVID-19 cases are still surging across Virginia, with 2,490 new cases per day over a seven-day average, up from 1,880 new cases per day reported last week, a 32 percent increase. The state’s total number of cases since the pandemic began stood at 747,640 on Wednesday morning.

Hospitalizations and deaths continued to increase statewide over the week, as well, with 603 new hospitalizations reported, up from 527 last week, and 83 new deaths, up from 51. Overall, 33,096 Virginians have had to be hospitalized for COVID since the pandemic began, while 11,715 have died.

The new case rate was up in the Three Rivers Health District over the past week, as well, with 315 new cases recorded, up from 304 new cases last week. The district has recorded 11,322 cases of the virus since last March.

The hospitalization rate in the district dropped, to four new hospitalizations over a week’s time, down from seven last week. A total of 457 district residents have been hospitalized for COVID during the past year and a half, while 203 have died, two over the past week.

Local rates

Gloucester recorded 100 new COVID-19 cases over the past week, for a total of 2,742, while Mathews was up by 26 new cases, totaling 678, and Middlesex had 15, for a total of 638.

One person each in Gloucester and Mathews was hospitalized during the past week, for total hospitalizations of 72 and 26, respectively, since the pandemic began. Middlesex had no new hospitalizations, leaving the total at 27.

There were no deaths from the virus in any of the three counties during the week, leaving the totals at Gloucester, 53; Mathews, 14; and Middlesex, 23.

NOTE: Edited to reflect the correct number of cases recorded in the Three Rivers Health District since March.