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Find Your Ancestors

Tens of thousands of obituaries, wedding notices and birth announcements from our earliest newspapers to the present have been indexed. Search for your ancestors online. You may order prints of the actual newspaper pages that carried these announcements, whether the event took place 100 years ago, or last month.

To find a notice, type the name in the text box below. Type last name, comma, first name middle initial(ex. Smith, John C) If you are not sure of the spelling, try typing part of the name. If your search comes up empty, check your spelling and try again.

The list may not be complete due to missing issues, damage to surviving papers, and the fact that in earlier days, notices appeared randomly throughout the papers and may not have been found. If the name you are looking for does not appear, let us know and we will check for it.

Copies or transcriptions of these notices are offered at a basic rate of $5 each.