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Website tracks Virginia’s COVID-19 patients

The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association has launched two webpages to provide information to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The association’s Online Data Dashboard is tracking not only the number of patients in hospitals with confirmed diagnoses, but also those who are hospitalized and whose results are pending.

In addition, VHHA is keeping a day-to-day tally of the total number of ventilators throughout the state, the number in use, how many total beds are available, and how many hospitals are having trouble obtaining the personal protective equipment supplies they need.

As of Wednesday morning, VHHA’s site showed that there were 649 hospitalized patients in Virginia who had tested positive for COVID-19, along with an additional number, 640, who were awaiting test results, for a total of 1,289 patients. Total bed availability in Virginia was 5,325 on Tuesday, according to the association.

Hospitals throughout the state had a total of 2,574 ventilators as of Tuesday morning, according to the site, with 705 of those in use. In addition, the site indicated that 12 hospitals were having trouble obtaining or replenishing their PPE within 72 hours and three hospitals were having trouble obtaining other medical supplies within 72 hours.

The VHHA has also created a page for resources and services to provide people with information on the disease, including how they can support Virginia health care professionals responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Hospitals experiencing shortages and accepting donations are listed, along with a number to call or a process to follow when making donations.

The page includes aggregated information, both print and video, about government action and guidance on dealing with the pandemic and advice and information from health care organizations and professionals.

According to a press release, VHHA has 110 hospital members representing 27 health systems throughout the state.

The association’s work is facilitated through the Virginia Healthcare Emergency Management Program.

The Virginia Hospital

Covid-19 Dashboard is available at
The association’s resource page is