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Supervisor Mike Rowe, left, and Hudgins resident Mike Walls have an intense exchange after two special called meetings on Monday of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors, during which Rowe and two other supervisors, Amy Dubois and Edwina Casey, voted to oust supervisor G.C. Morrow from his role as chairman of the board. Photo by Sherry Hamilton
Supervisor G.C. Morrow, standing, gives up his seat as chair of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors after a 3-2 vote on Monday to replace him with Supervisor Edwina Casey, seated fourth from left. Also shown, from left, are supervisors Mike Rowe, Charles Ingram, and Amy Dubois, who was made vice chairman; County Administrator Mindy Conner, and County Attorney Andrea Erard. Photo by Sherry Hamilton

{image_1} Supervisor Rowe makes motion; seconded by Supervisor Amy Dubois

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