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Two proposed amendments up for vote

In addition to the slate of candidates, two amendments to the Virginia constitution will be on Tuesday’s ballot; the first deals with eminent domain, and the second concerns the timing of the General Assembly’s veto session.

The two proposed amendments are as follows:

Question 1

Shall Section 11 of Article I (Bill of Rights) of the Constitution of Virginia be amended (i) to require that eminent domain only be exercised where the property taken or damaged is for public use and, except for utilities or the elimination of a public nuisance, not where the primary use is for private gain, private benefit, private enterprise, increasing jobs, increasing tax revenue, or economic development; (ii) to define what is included in just compensation for such taking or damaging of property; and (iii) to prohibit the taking or damaging of more private property than is necessary for the public use?

Question 2

Shall Section 6 of Article IV (Legislature) of the Constitution of V...

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