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Soup’s on! Get ready for the cooler days ahead

Although her mother was “insecure in her cooking; there were five in the family,” Christine Johnson, along with her husband Robert, has enthusiastically developed and explored various new cooking skills since their four children are now grown and living elsewhere. “Back in the children days it was basic meals but always plenty of them as they could really eat.”

Nine years ago, moving from the Baltimore area of Maryland, the Johnsons found what Christine believes to be the perfect home site for them in the Shadow section of Mathews just off Borum Creek. “It’s the peacefulness, quietness and the slower pace of living we love. People wave to you whether they know you or not.”

An avid sports lady, Christine says, “I ride my bike in the summer and run in the winter. I am still working but at home. My husband who loves food does a lot of cooking during the week but on weekends, the kitchen is mine. He also does the shopping and makes out the menus. We don’t go out to eat often so we c...

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