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Crisp up your recipes with celery

Celery is a vegetable that gives you a refreshing crunch when you eat it. It’s often overlooked when considering a favorite vegetable but it does have a place in the culinary world.

Do you know: Celery is native to the Mediterranean area where it grew wild for centuries like its relative parsley. It was used as a medical treatment for colds, digestion, arthritis and liver dysfunction. The vegetable’s seeds were used as a mosquito repellent. In France in 1623 celery was first recorded as food used as a flavoring like an herb. By the early 18th century great improvements had been made to the wild celery and its use spread.

Do you know: By the 18th century in Europe celery was being stored in cellars to be enjoyed during the winter but only by affluent people. It most likely came to this country with the colonists. Cultivation of celery for the commercial market began in Michigan in the late 1800s. Today, California is the largest producer of celery, with Michigan a close second. T...

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