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Two loaves at a time: Maggie DeVita keeps on keeping on

Making two loaves of sourdough bread in one day is just normal practice for 102-year-old Maggie (Marguerite) DeVita. “I enjoy sharing bread with neighbors and friends,” Maggie was quick to explain. When baked, cooled and wrapped, into the freezer they will go unless needed for the day.

While keeping her eye on two loaves on the rise, Maggie prepared what would be called a morning tea: cold drink with cheese and crackers. Maggie says she loves to cook but of course doesn’t cook as much as she once did. “I learned from my mother and in my day we attended Home Ec classes. You learn a great deal there.”

Maggie, a Pennsylvania native, is the mother of five, who when her husband passed away moved to Chincoteague at age 84. She took on a second career but kept up a health program she had started 16 years before. “Getting myself in shape by walking, cycling (her favorite sport) canoeing and weights.” In her 80s Maggie took an eight-day, 40 miles per day bike tour of Europe.

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