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Carrying on: Hard-working farmer works to maintain the dream

In our neighboring county Middlesex, a real farm is in operation reminding one of the type of farm that both Gloucester and Mathews once held in abundance. Today they are few and far between.

The eight-acre Our Little Gang Farm in Topping began when Chris and Kathryn Putt rented the house which dates to 1848. Later they purchased the property, “to fulfill what we dreamed about, having a farm,” said Kathryn. The farm began with chickens, first 20, then 40, and now 100. “I was known as the crazy chicken lady and when the goats arrived it was crazy goat lady.”

Soon two goats became 11, and next came the six beef cattle with one more to join. Then came the pigs with five coming to replace those who passed on. “Once my dog, I have two, but one of them herded the pigs back into their pen without help from me,” said Kathryn. And of course the farm has a big garden annually. This farm produces beef, pork and chicken for the food market, plus eggs, pecans and black walnuts.

Kathryn ra...

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