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Please pay the printer what is due

110 YEARS AGOThursday, May 18, 1911from the Mathews Journal

This is the season for planting seed, and it’s also the printer’s time of need. Sow radish seed and lettuce too, and pay the printer what is due. Go build yourself an onion bed and remember that the printer must be fed. Sow several rows of early peas and pay for last year’s paper please. Dig up the earth ’round each strawberry vine, and if you like the Journal drop us a line. Plant some potatoes to put in the hash and remember the printer is short on cash. Fix up a hill or so of beans and with ye editor divide your means. Of watermelons you’ll need a patch—the editor’s pants need one to match. Pay up your subscription then plant your corn and you’ll have a big crop as sure as you’re born.

100 YEARS AGO ...

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