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News from Moon in 1910


Thursday, February 24, 1910

from the Mathews Journal

Moon: Mr. Otis Story spent last week in Norfolk having his eyes treated.

We are sorry to say the Haven school will soon close. The teachers and pupils are busy practicing for the closing exercise.

The Rose Bud Society of Salem church, has increased very rapidly in membership recently.

We are sorry to report Mr. W.L. Smith on the sick list.

We are glad to say Mrs. B.H. Williams is improving.


Thursday, February 19, 1920

from the Gloucester Gazette

The people of Gloucester C.H. are long suffering and patient. They daily evidence this fact in the resignation and fortitude with which they endure the daily – and nightly – squeak, squawk of the Court House windmill, which is wearing itself out, as well as the nerves of the adjacent inhabitants for the want of a little oil and attention. But what is everybody’s business is nobody’s business; hence, while there is a great deal of ...

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