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Letter: Time is running out

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This is the worst administration I have witnessed in my lifetime. We are facing a government takeover. Can a Constitutional crisis be far behind? Not only do we have a corrupt and biased Justice Department, whose boss calls us "cowards," but a president who rules by fiat and executive orders. He tells us if Congress doesn’t act, he will. Hail Caesar! The "yes we can" president should look into the sinkhole of the Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid reigns supreme, to see what makes the Congress so dysfunctional.

The president owns this disastrous economy. His government agencies have put fear into the hearts of the citizens with their heavy-handed tactics. Creating an illusion of stability and Wall Street euphoria is deceptive. Excluding those not looking for jobs is also misleading and deceptive.

Let’s not forget the media. They have been missing in action and have become irrelevant. However, they have been instrumental in pushing the ...

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