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Letter: The death of 40 million innocents

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In honor of mothers everywhere, I wanted to focus your attention on this shocking news … recently, I heard about a society that prevents overpopulation by forced sterilization of child-bearing women after they give birth to their first child! “Old news,” you say?

Well, get this … I’ve also heard about a society that has destroyed over 40 million “in the womb babies!” (There are some who call these babies “fetuses” and I’ll join that group on the day I call my toes “appendages.”) This same country has developed and promotes the use of contraception devices such as intrauterine devices, birth control pills, condoms, etc. A few of the citizens suggest responsible abstinence of sex until marriage.

These latter methods are certainly the least invasive, costly and cruel. Can’t our self-centered, sex-focused society concentrate on the use of these devices and methods and withdraw f...

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