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Letter: MCVIC volunteer tells what happened

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In last week’s paper, Mr. Andrew Maggard relayed an "event" that allegedly occurred at the Visitor Center during the Tour de Chesapeake. As opposed to Mr. Maggard, who was not present at the center that day, I was, as a volunteer worker.

I was behind the counter when a woman approached me and handed me a stack of her newsletters and asked if she could put them out on the counter where we have other free publications. I told her that as volunteers we were not authorized to allow things to be placed in the center. The other volunteer working with me, "the former official of our local governing body," said that our executive director of the center was in the back and he would go ask her. He took the copies from me and went to the back room. He was gone for only a minute or two when the woman mumbled something about having more and left. If she had stayed a moment longer, she would have realized that they were placed on the counter w...

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