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Letter: Global government not a conspiracy theory

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Too bad that when you try to warn others about global governance, you are labeled "a conspiracy theorist." Do those who say such things not understand that it has been the goal of the Council of Foreign Relations and the World Federalist Association for years to accomplish this? There are already 47 Biosphere Reserves in the United States which comprise 42 million acres. The land use policies for this land are controlled by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

We have no say over the use of this land, even though it belongs to us. In addition there are 20 sites like Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Monticello, Yellowstone National Park and other national parks designated as World Heritage sites and partially controlled by UNESCO.

We need to wake up in America and pay attention. Every U.S. president since J.F. Kennedy has talked about a "new world order." We are already far behind the ...

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