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Letter: Constitution succeeds because it can adapt

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I would like to thank Mr. Jackson for his well thought out and researched letter concerning the Constitution and my comment about it not being carved in stone (April 5 Readers Write). Mr. Jackson gave an excellent explanation of how the Constitution is amended and took issue with those who seek to update it.

My intention was not to educate people on the process, but rather to document its adaptability. We all have agendas and support something or we would not waste time writing letters and attending meetings. Interpretations of this document and how it does or doesn’t apply to various laws over the centuries has been fuel for bigger debates than ours, but has always boiled down to if you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision, fine; if not, judicial activism is at work. If the language is changed through amendment, the document changes.

Stone weathers over time and, because it cannot adapt, crumbles. Our Constitution, on the other hand, ada...

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