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Letter: Applauds vote on YMCA funding

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

On reading the letter from Mr. Joe Syslo (“Questions board’s decision on YMCA,” March 3 Readers Write), I was excited by the thought that my enthusiasm for an emergency shelter at the new YMCA had earned me membership in “the cabal and the clique of shakers and movers in … Mathews.” (The cabal prospect was especially intriguing). In reality, I only have the power of the ballot.

I applaud the supervisors’ vote on the emergency shelter and see it as recognition of the need to invest in new infrastructure. The potential impact on taxes ranges between zero and minimal, depending on cost estimates to repair two school gymnasium roofs that are sagging and leaking.

A more serious driver of increased taxes is the growing state and federally mandated costs that need to be supported by a shrinking tax base. Reversing the current loss of population is necessary to the county’s long-term survival. Were Mathews to be more ...

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