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Letter: Another view of our politics

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have read Mr. Joe Mereness’s letters “We are the lucky ones” (July 5 Readers Write) and “Reasons to weep” (July 19 Readers Write) with much interest.

In “We are the lucky ones,” I would say that the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, had nothing to do with immigration at all. Liberty is not immigration, but freedom from governmental oppression. It was the maudlin poem, “Give me your tired, poor, etc.” that got tied to the statue, and, in my opinion, unfortunately. Secondly, the Creator may have made us all equal—at birth—but the second after, equality ceases. Some of us are smarter, more comely, more athletic, richer, etc. It is in the Creator’s plan that this is so. You would have to be a communist of the first degree to think otherwise.

In “Reasons to weep,” all I read is the ranting of the side that lost the election now one year, nine months ago. One must remember t...

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