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GVFRS provides specialized training to its volunteers

Gloucester Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad personnel received specialized training Monday night on how to free people when their body parts have become entangled in machines and other devices.

From Fire Cadets and Junior EMS members to Chiefs, squad personnel learned everything about removing a stuck ring from a person’s finger, said a press release from Fire Prevention Officer Tony Villani, from using a rubber band, shoelace, or dental floss without damaging the ring to having to cut the ring off without injuring the person wearing it.

Squad members practiced cutting away impaled objects from a person without further injuring a victim so that they can be safely placed on a stretcher and transported by ambulance to the hospital for care, and they engaged in training to assist law enforcement with their jobs.

EMS Chief Lewis Kerns, center, and Capt. Joe Lenderman instruct fire cadets on the procedure for removing a protestor’s arm from PVC pipe during a training scenario in wh...

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