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From 4th grade teacher to a lifetime friendship

My elementary school was in Chester, Virginia. There were approximately 20 students in my fourth grade class. We were mostly 9 year olds plus four or five boys who were 15 or 16 years old.

Today these boys would be in a special ed class where they would receive one-on-one attention to help them succeed but in 1950 that teaching method had not been introduced into the schools or maybe it had not yet been invented.

These older boys could have cared less about what fourth graders were supposed to be. Their lack of interest presented a challenge for Miss Oliver who was desperately trying to teach. Miss Oliver had a tough row to hoe … and why would an administration put all of this on a brand-new first year teacher?

Why am I telling you all of this? … because the woman I admire and want to tell you about was the teacher of that crazy, unusual challenge of a class … Miss Oliver! As if she didn’t already have her hands full, she was assigned the Thanksgiving Day Program to be put on...

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