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Editorial: The court’s valuable time

“I don’t wish to take up any more of the court’s valuable time than is absolutely necessary …”

In TV court dramas, a defense attorney usually says something like this just before he drops some bombshell that exonerates his client or accuses the prosecution’s star witness of being a murderer.

But, back in the real world, the court’s valuable time is being wasted every month in Gloucester County for cases that should be handled elsewhere. We are referring to the flood of cases generated by scofflaws who blow past the toll booths at the George P. Coleman Memorial Bridge. Gloucester finds itself in this somewhat unique situation due to the toll booths being located on county land.

About 500 such cases are handled each month by Gloucester General District Court, generating a ton of paperwork for court officers and cluttering up the court’s traffic docket, with each infraction representing a separate court case.

With high-speed cameras des...

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