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Editorial: Pleasant shade

Do you have any doubt that summertime has arrived in its full roasting glory? On some days do you dread going outdoors? Does the thought of walking across the asphalt parking lot to the grocery store make your knees buckle?

Plant your mind with the thought of trees, tall, luscious, full-canopied shade trees. And wish … if only I had planted more around the house. If only the developer had planted some in this parking lot. If only …

In a scene as old as the Old South itself, we stagger to the shade of a tree, have a seat in the folding chair and down a fully-iced lemonade, in order to get some relief from the heat. Of course, air conditioning allows most of us to stay indoors, but if we have to go out, the shade tree offers an oasis.

Why plant trees?

Because that shade tree cools everything around it. According to Virginia Tech’s extension service, "The shade of trees, placed on the south side of a house, can significantly cool a house in the summer with es...

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