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Editorial: Not surprising

We have to thank the Wason Center for Civility in Politics, located at Christopher Newport University, for its recent study that discovered the obvious. Virginia voters, rating the situation from 1 (worst in civility) to 10 (best), gave national politics a rating of 3.

(The state did somewhat better, achieving a 6, but that number is dropping. Again, not a surprise, to anyone paying attention to antics in this year’s General Assembly).

It is time for the American voting public to wake up. Backbiting, division and incivility are the modus operandi of contemporary national politics. When the minority leader of one party says "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president."*; when a national radio commentator says "I hope he fails"** even before Obama was inaugurated, then you can be pretty certain that the adversaries have just one goal. And that goal is not the good of the country; it is the good of t...

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