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‘Save The Haven’ movement grows in opposition to proposal

A petition by residents of Gwynn’s Island in opposition to the proposed oyster aquaculture expansion at Milford Haven is growing.

The movement, which has been dubbed “Save the Haven” by its organizers, began with a handful of signatures and has now generated a formal petition and 65 letters of protest as of late May. The group has also distributed yard signs, which are visible across the island.

Residents’ issues with the project are varied, with concerns ranging from its possible effect on property values and setting zoning precedent to boater safety and the environment.

One protest letter called the project “grossly counter-productive to SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation) growth and survival,” with the writers of the letter, Bob and Holly Talmage, fearing blocked sunlight and increased boat traffic as a result of tending the cages would harm submerged grass beds.

Dan Hill of Cherry Point shared his concerns, which were more economic in nature. ...

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