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Free WiFi to Mathews residents

Free WiFi access is available in various areas of Mathews County during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Mathews County website, Atlantic Broadband has opened three WiFi hotspots to the public: one at 9654 Buckley Hall Road, near the Parks and Rec playground; one at 27 Main Street, near Hardees; and one at 251 Main Street, across from Mathews Memorial Library.

A user within range will see the AtlanticBB Free WiFi option and will not need a password for access.

Other Atlantic Broadband hotspots can be found across all of the provider’s service area by visiting

Historic courthouse

Mathews County’s historic courthouse is also providing free WiFi. The network for access is HCH-Public1, and no password is required.

School Wifi access

Residents may access WiFi in the Thomas Hunter Middle Middle School and Mathews High School front parking lots by searching for ‘mcpsquest’ and using the password ‘freewifi.’

 Parking lots at Food Lion and library

Middle Peninsula Gateway is temporarily offering free WiFi, which is available in the Food Lion parking lot, much of the Mathews Memorial Library parking lot, and the Liberty Square parking lot near the Mathews County Treasurer’s Office. Access will be through MPGC FREE, and no password is required.

Parks and Rec

Finally, a SMART bus is deployed via the Mathews County Public School system in the Parks and Rec parking lot. The network is ‘MCPSSB2,’ and the password is ‘freewifi.’