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Editorial: Tragedy

You could hear the pain and sorrow in Andy Beshear’s voice as he spoke about the devastation and loss of life that Friday night’s tornado outbreak wrought in the Kentucky governor’s state. His voice cracked and it looked as though he might break down as he gave the latest number of fatalities.

The death toll keeps rising in the Bluegrass State, and although the hardest hit, that’s just one of nine states that have been impacted by the line of tornadoes that carved a 250-mile path from Arkansas to Kentucky. People were left without power as far as New York State. Eighty-eight were confirmed dead as of Monday, which would rank it as the 11th deadliest tornado day in modern U.S. history. An entire city—Mayfield, Kentucky—was virtually wiped off the map.

The mind boggles when one considers the scale of this colossal storm. Thankfully, we in Virginia were spared from this maelstrom.

But for those of us lucky enough to have escaped this disaster, and fortunate enough to have a litt...

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