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All the signs are there

Through snow, ice, rain and clouds, our readers have found signs that spring is on the way and that nature never goes south for the winter. Please send your photos to

A daffodil covered in snow and ice, taken by Nancy Blake at her home in Glenns.Hellebores are in bloom; sent by Sherrie Hill of Gloucester.

Three pictures from Louise Witherspoon of Port Haywood, from left, hellebore, also called Lenten Rose; a cardinal in a camellia; and cheerful pansies with the promise of spring that they bring with them.

First blooms of the year, sent in by Gabby Hayes of Tidewater Tropicals, Gloucester. Bird of Paradise, followed by a Mother of Thousands plant. Spring’s a-coming.

Prunus mume (Japanese Apricot) blooming now, sent by Alexander Wilson of Moon.Ice-covered Japanese maple at the home of Julie Shields, Hayes.

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