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7 new virus cases reported in Gloucester

Gloucester County saw another jump in COVID-19 cases this week, adding seven new cases for a total of 45 as of Wednesday morning, with nine people having been hospitalized since the pandemic began in March.

Mathews cases remained the same for yet another week, at five, with two patients who have been hospitalized.

Middlesex added one new case over the past week for a total of 15, with one person hospitalized.
Gloucester has had one death, while the other two counties have yet to experience their first coronavirus-related fatality.

Across the Three Rivers Health District, there have been 607 COVID-19 cases reported since the pandemic began, an increase of 21 since last week, with 48 people in the district having been hospitalized and 10 deaths as of Wednesday morning.

Cases in Richmond County, which has seen two outbreaks, have remained steady over the past week, with 295 as of Wednesday morning, an increase of one case in seven days.

Statewide, there were 59,514 cases as of Wednesday morning, an increase of 3,739 cases since last week, with 2,558 of the total cases listed as probable. The cumulative number of people who have been hospitalized for the illness stood at 5,955 as of Wednesday, with 33 of those case probable, and increase of 263 hospitalizations over the past week. Statewide, 1,661 people have died from COVID-19 since March, with 102 of those deaths listed as “probable.”

Facilities statewide continue to test thousands of people weekly for the illness, for a cumulative total of 574,013 PCR tests as of Wednesday morning, 82,129 of which were conducted during the past week. The rate of positive tests statewide now stands at 6.2 percent. In the Three Rivers Health District, 8,282 PCR tests had been conducted as of Wednesday, 1,769 since last week, for a positive rate of 1.9 percent, significantly below the 10 percent needed to assure that enough tests are being conducted.

Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association counts show that, as of Wednesday morning, there were 886 people currently hospitalized statewide with confirmed (567) or suspected (319) cases of COVID-19.

Of those patients, 235 were hospitalized in the ICU and 107 were on ventilators.

There were 2,995 ventilators available statewide as of Wednesday morning, with 611 of them in use at hospitals. Hospital bed availability statewide was 3,762 regular beds and 3,695 Executive Order 52 beds.