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World War II artifacts donated to Mathews Maritime Museum

Several photos, papers and other artifacts related to one Mathews seaman’s participation in World War II, including the largest seaborne invasion in history, have recently been donated for the Mathews Maritime Museum to display at its museum on Main Street.

Ann Miles, daughter of the late Capt. William James Campbell from Winter Harbor, donated her father’s Merchant Marine battle helmet that he wore during the D-Day invasion of Normandy, as well as papers from his time in service.

While serving aboard the Liberty ship S.S. Ignace Paderewski, he received many papers stamped “confidential” in large manila envelopes labeled “On His Majesty’s Service” with a wax seal to ensure security.

According to MMF spokesperson Nancy Lindgren, the papers included directives for all ships involved in the invasion, written July 21, 1944. Another paper was in a smaller envelope addressed to Master, S.S. Ignace Paderewski, dated Feb. 12, 1944, and included maps...

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