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Wicomico residents bring up flooding problem

Several Carmines Island Road residents approached the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors during its meeting Tuesday night in the colonial courthouse, pleading with local officials to do something to alleviate flooding of the roadway.

Flooding is a persistent problem on the road, residents said, with water covering the surface as many as 65 days a year. What was once a nuisance has now become a growing safety concern in the Wicomico neighborhood.

All of the residents on the road have signed a petition, asking for the county to help in any way it can to have the road improved so that they can safely access their property throughout the year.

“Fire and rescue could not come a significant percentage of the last 13 months,” said resident Charles Lewicki. “There were 17 days that the road was flooded to the point you couldn’t see the road … If the road was reconstructed to current standards, there would have been zero days over the last 13 months that th...

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