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Visit through window ‘better than any medicine’

The effects of this pandemic are far reaching, and perhaps the most heartbreaking are the stories of those who are isolated from their loved ones and may not know exactly why.

David Fletcher of Mathews went to see his mother Edith Fletcher on Sunday from the window of her room at Riverside Convalescent Center in Mathews.

“She has been very ill for the last several weeks without any family to be there with her,” David’s wife, Robin said. “Mrs. Fletcher suffers from Alzheimer’s and is recovering from a recent bout of pneumonia and now some other unknown infection. It’s been more than two months since he’s been able to see his mom in person and she has declined greatly … both physically and mentally.

“He’s lost precious time because the nursing home has been on quarantine from the flu and now COVID-19,” Robin Fletcher added. “She cannot understand why he can’t come in. However, seeing her son through the window yesterday was better than any medicine.”

Robin Fletcher spoke of “the overwhelming debt of gratitude we feel towards all the staff at Mathews Convalescent Center. They are our eyes and hands when we can’t be there. They are our angels.”