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Virus numbers remain steady locally

Gloucester County added one more case of COVID-19 during the past week, for a total of 31 cases as of Wednesday morning, with eight of them having been hospitalized. In Mathews, the total number remained the same for yet another week, at five, with two who have required hospitalization.

Middlesex County also added one case, for a total of 15 as of Wednesday, with one who spent time in the hospital.

The Three Rivers District as a whole had recorded 541 cases of the illness by Wednesday morning, with 38 having been hospitalized, an increase of four over last week. Three additional deaths have occurred in the district over the past week, for a total of nine lives lost, five in Richmond County and one each in Gloucester, King and Queen, Northumberland, and Westmoreland.

Over half of the COVID-19 cases have been in Richmond County, where there was an outbreak at Haynesville Correctional Center.

Statewide, 340,197 PCR tests had been conducted as of Wednesday morning, for an 11 percent positive rate. The goal statewide is 10 percent positive rate, which will mean enough tests are being conducted.

The total number of deaths in Virginia was 1,428 as of Wednesday morning, an increase of 147 deaths over the past week. Of those deaths, 1,322 were confirmed positive, while 106 were considered probable for the illness. There have been 4,884 total hospitalizations for

COVID-19 since the pandemic began. This represents an increase of 499 cases since last week.

As of Wednesday morning, 1,311 people were still hospitalized with COVID-19, while 6,165 people had been treated and discharged. Of those still in the hospital, 876 were confirmed positive for the illness, while 435 had test results still pending. The number of people being treated in the ICU was 313, with 185 of those on ventilators.

There were 2,984 ventilators on-hand in hospitals across the state, with 613 of those in use as of Wednesday. Bed availability was at 4,162, with an additional 3,695 beds available under Executive Order 52.

No hospitals were reporting any shortage of PPE.