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Underwater survey finds wrecks believed to be from Cornwallis’ fleet

A three-day surveying expedition by JRS Explorations, Inc., has revealed multiple promising targets previously believed to be unidentified shipwrecks from Lord Cornwallis’s defeat at the Battle of Yorktown.

The targets have the size and physical appearance consistent with confirmed wrecks in the area from Cornwallis’ scuttled fleet, which has been on the bottom of the York River since 1781.

The survey, which occurred from April 9-11, was led by renowned underwater archaeologist John Broadwater, who is vice president of JRS Explorations.

Broadwater explored the Yorktown shipwrecks in the 1980s, as well as worked on projects like the USS Monitor, Titanic, and Apollo’s Saturn V Boosters recovery. On the Titanic and Saturn V missions, Broadwater worked with James Cameron and Jeff Bezos, respectively.

Portunes International, Abbott Underwater Acoustics, InterPhase Entertainment, Precon Marine, Inc., and local volunteers all joined in on the Yorktown mission. 


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