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Tips for helping a turtle cross the road

This time of year many wild animals such as turtles are on the move. As the weather warms, turtles go in search of new territory, breeding opportunities and quests for food.

Also, many females will travel to find ideal places to lay their eggs and will often cross the roads. Please keep a lookout for them while you’re driving this season.

When helping turtles cross the street, always keep your own safety in mind—watch out for oncoming vehicles, signal properly when pulling over and recognize your surroundings first before working to help save an animal.

Be very careful when moving the animal (it could be injured or it could bite you depending on what species). If possible, sometimes it is best to just stand guard as the animal crosses the road on its own.

If the animal needs to be moved, move it to the other side of the road in the same direction it was going. Using a car mat can be a good way to help the turtles across without actually picking them up. By using a car mat or putting something under the turtle, you can slide the turtle in the direction it was going.

Do not pick the turtle up by the tail. Some turtles may be frightened and will try to bite (like snapping turtles). And do not take it with you—please only focus on helping it get safely to the other side.