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Thankful: For the Gazette-Journal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The folks at Riverside Convalescent Center said they are thankful for the Gazette-Journal, and so am I. First of all, it gives them and me some place to go on Friday afternoons. We gather in the Activity Room and I say, “Well, here we are …” and one of our residents finishes my comments by saying “it is another Friday and I cannot believe we have reached the end of another week and soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Where has the year gone?”

We laugh and agree and off we go on our Journal Adventure. Your paper gives us good fodder for exploring the past, taking a look at the present and perhaps a peek into the future. It is wonderful when I say that I do not know who so-and-so is and someone speaks up and says “Oh, for goodness sake, Richard, you should know,” and then proceeds to tell me exactly who that person is, including their parents, children and who they married. Or when back in the summer, I re...

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