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Thankful: Are you thankful?

Yes, I am; Thursday, Nov. 24 is my birthday.

I’m thankful for having lived so long and such an exciting life. I truly feel blessed and "the beat goes on."

I’m thankful for being retired U.S. Navy. Having followed in my father’s career (World War II veteran, holder of 11 Bronze Stars for the Pacific campaign). Perhaps most of all I’m thankful for being so fortunate to have so many friends.

I’m thankful for being the Hyco Kid in my Western world, also for being a member of the Screen Actors Guild in my major motion picture and television venue. I’m also thankful for good health.

Unfortunately, both my parents are deceased. However, I then had a whole new set and then once again, a loving family.

Thankful? You bet.

Michael J. Lair

Hartfield, Va.

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