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Supervisors express concern about county ditches

Supervisor O.J. Cole grilled VDOT’s Saluda Residency Administrator Sean Trapani about the condition of ditches in the county during the April 22 meeting of the Mathews County Board of Supervisors.

Cole said he was concerned that inland ditches are getting filled up because roadside ditches aren’t clean. Valuable, marketable land could be lost unless something is done, he said. He pointed out that the county has agreed to put money toward ditch projects and identify areas of concern, but he has yet to see results.

“When are we going to start seeing work on ditches?” said Cole. “I want to see improvements … tangible improvements.”

Cole asked Trapani whether VDOT is responsible for clearing inland ditches that are impacted by roadside ditches, but Trapani said his only responsibility is making sure the roads are kept clear. He explained that there are projects in the works to help Mathews with ditch cleaning. One of those provides $25,000 from...

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