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Spared the worst

Gloucester and Mathews residents are finally getting back to normal after catching a glancing blow from Hurricane Sandy, a massive storm that went on to cause coastal destruction throughout the northeastern U.S. and spawn blizzard conditions in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Winds here did not reach hurricane strength; however, rain and wind were prolonged and caused much disruption to daily activities and some damage.

Unlike the northeast, Sandy spared residents of the Middle Peninsula from the worst of her wrath; however, not everyone here was left unscathed.

In Gloucester

Hurricane Sandy for the most part left minor damage as the worst of the storm’s squalls crossed over Gloucester Monday afternoon and into the evening.

Virginia Cooperative Extension reported agricultural damage in Gloucester estimated at $750,000 as a result of the storm.

Gloucester County spokesperson Christi Lewis reported a damage estimate of $38,000 to residents’ homes and other propert...

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