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Santa’s Stuck in the Chimney

On Christmas Eve Night I was snug in my bed, when all of a sudden I woke with an elf standing over me. “Santa is stuck in your chimney!” the elf shouted. I jumped up out of bed, ran outside, and grabbed my ladder. I climbed on the roof. I grabbed his feet and tried to pull him out. But, Santa would not budge! The next thing I thought to try was to grab a bar of soap. I ran inside and got the bar of soap. When I got back to the chimney, I rubbed the soap all over Santa and tried to pull him out again. But again, he did not move! Now I was really thinking of what would work. I decided to jump into the chimney. My body pushed Santa right out while I fell on top of him! Santa jumped up and said, “Ho, ho, ho! Thank you so much Riley!” Once he left, I went and woke my parents up to tell them all about what I had just done! The end.

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