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Residents chime in on variety of topics at school board meeting

The Mathews School Board heard from many residents at Tuesday night’s meeting, for many different reasons.

Kaye Dyar of Cardinal was the first resident signed up to speak during public comment period. “America the beautiful, the land of opportunity, the ‘melting pot,’ has now become the land of political correctness, wokeness and equity,” began Dyar. “Much time is spent in discussions such as which pronoun to avoid giving offense—and someone is always offended by something. Now the doctrine of Critical Race Theory, or CRT, has come to our state and neighboring school divisions. We will have to make a decision as to whether to endorse and integrate the teachings of CRT, or parts of it, into our school curriculum. I vote ‘no’ and ask you to do the same.

“CRT itself is a form of psychological assault in the manner of the KGB, Chinese cultural revolutionaries, and, to a lesser degree, the reeducation camps of Cambodia and Vietnam—but it is more insidious,” Dyar said. “Children are e...

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