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Recipes from Ireland

Tuna Tartare

400g (1 lb.) tuna sushi quality
½ tsp. chopped green peppercorns
Zest & juice of ½ lime     
1 shallot, finely diced
1 large scallop, finely sliced
Chervil, chopped
Flat leaf parsley, chopped
Tabasco sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Sea salt
Good quality olive oil

Orange Pepper Roasted Almonds

100g (½ c.) whole almonds
Zest of 1 orange
Sea salt and black pepper

Grilled Beef Filet Carpaccio

280g (6½-oz.) beef fillet
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Salsa Verde

170g (6 oz.) gherkins
40g (1½ oz.) capers
70g (½ c.) white onion, chopped
17g (¼ tsp.) each of parsley, basil, tarragon and chervil
100ml (3½ oz.) vegetable oil
50ml (3 Tbs.) olive oil
Salt and pepper
Red wine vinegar
Sugar (optional)

Lobster Fennel Tempura

1 lobster
1 tsp. cumin
3 chamomile teabags
1 fennel (bulb)
100g (3½ oz.) tempura flour
Tempura Batter
65g (2¼ oz.) strong flour
65g (2¼ oz.) cornstarch
1 egg w...

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