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‘Rebirth’ exhibit opens at First Friday

Artist Michael Faulkner’s exhibit “Rebirth—A Collaboration between Artist and Nature” will open at First Friday on Oct. 2 at Arts on Main in Gloucester.

Consisting of a collection of abstract paintings, the exhibit was inspired by an initial loss. A beekeeper, Faulkner lost his much-loved bees to pesticides and turned his creative attention to the empty hives. Over the course of 365 days, he first fashioned canvases from the beehive frames and then created art on them, outdoors and in conjunction with nature. He documented the metamorphosis of his canvases over the course of a full year, and the final result will be on display throughout October. 

“With the canvases stretched over the various hive boxes and lids, I intuitively placed them around the 12-acre farm,” wrote the artist. “The intent was to represent the area the bees considered home.” Inspired by the way light and shadow played over the canvases on different days and throughout all four seasons, and by the natural env...

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