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Planning for health needs as you age

Traveling the world, picking up a new hobby, relaxing on a beach and spending more time with loved ones are what people typically plan for when thinking about their retirement. Many retirees do not consider their long-term health needs until they are in a crisis situation, forcing them to scramble to take care of health matters and the financial costs that follow.

According to Cynthia Stillman, Senior Consultant and Certified Senior Advisor at ChooseHome Riverside, there are ways that people of all ages can plan for their health needs as they age.

“People are working longer than ever before,” said Stillman.

Encore careers and working until age 70 and beyond are becoming common practices among older adults. Because of this, Stillman said that it is important for people to plan for their health needs during retirement long before they actually decide to retire and should have a plan in place by the time they reach their sixties.

Sometimes people have unexpected events that c...

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