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No change in local COVID-19 hospitalization, death figures

While the number of confirmed local COVID-19 cases continued to climb during the past week, hospitalizations and deaths from the disease saw no increases.

Gloucester’s case count was at 166 on Wednesday morning, up by 19 from last week, while Mathews was at 18, an increase of three. Middlesex County increased by 14 cases, for a total of 46 on Wednesday morning. Both the number of hospitalizations, at 13, two and three, respectively, and the number of deaths, at two, zero and one, respectively, remained the same in all three localities.

The Three Rivers Health District as a whole saw 114 new cases during the past week, with the highest number of cases continuing to be in Richmond County, at 322. A total of 75 people in the district have been hospitalized for the illness, and 17 people have died.

Across Virginia, 102,521 people have been diagnosed as confirmed or probable for COVID-19, up by 4,472 since last Wednesday, and 8,532 people have been hospitalized, an increase of 406 over a week’s time. An additional 78 people have died, for total deaths of 2,352 people.

Virginia’s testing program continued to be vigorous, with 107,229 people tested for the virus during the past week, for a statewide total of 1,283,409 PCR tests conducted since the first Virginia case was diagnosed in February. The rate of positive cases stood at 7.3 percent statewide on Wednesday. Of the tests conducted, 20,252 have been in the Three Rivers Health District, 1,409 during the past week. The rate of positive cases in the district increased from just 3.9 percent last week to 7.7 percent this week, surpassing the statewide rate for the first time.

The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association recorded on Wednesday morning that there were 1,281 total patients with COVID-19 in hospitals across the state, while a total of 13,247 patients had been treated and discharged. Of the patients currently hospitalized with the disease, 290 were in intensive care units and 142 were on ventilators.

A total of 3,074 ventilators were on-hand in hospitals statewide as of Wednesday, with 610 of them in use. There were 3,374 inpatient beds that were unoccupied and could accept COVID-19 patients, with an additional 3,695 beds available under Executive Order 52. ICUs across the state were at 78 percent occupancy, but when surge beds were added, the occupancy rate dropped to 51 percent.