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Letter: Young families need affordable house

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Oh Lordy. Three letters already on "Janet Bowman does not like owners of second homes in Mathews County because they pay no taxes." Being a second homeowner ourselves, I can truthfully say (in less than 250 words). You … Missed … My … Point. Fortunately, most Mathews residents got it.

Fact: School population is down. Fact: More young families, more kids, more revenue.

Question: Why are families with children not settling in Mathews?

Answer: I disagree with the age-old answer that there are no jobs in Mathews to hold them here. My answer is that we need affordable housing for our young families (pre-2006 prices). They can find jobs elsewhere, but will still spend their money here. Mr. Anthony (last week’s letter) put it in a nutshell: "We can, as we have been doing, raise real estate taxes and jack up assessments above market value, but such a policy is a fiscal death spiral." Common sense: Stop talking; t...

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