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Letter: Words can be misleading

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Inflation is not rising prices. It is inflating the currency in circulation by printing money to pay for programs/bills we don’t have the money to pay for. It results in rising prices.

Build Back Better is better named Build Back Boondoggle. With inflation and rising prices, we pay for it every time we pay for anything. Most of the money goes for unconstitutional spending.

The Green New Deal would be better named the Greedy Refurbished Deal.

Do we ever pledge allegiance to “the flag … and to the Democracy for which it stands?” Democracy is majority rule—you with a rope around your neck and a posse wanting you dead, voting on whether to pull the rope. Our Constitution gives us a republic where government is ruled, not by humans, but by laws that apply equally to everyone.

Peace to Communists and Globalists means their total control of the world with no opposition.

Fair Share is actually Karl Marx’s Graduated Income Tax where the more money you...

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