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Letter: Women for Romney/Ryan

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Did you realize, according to the Government Bureau of Labor Statistics:

That 92 percent of jobs lost since President Obama took office were women’s jobs?

That the number of unemployed women increased from 7.0 to 8.1 percent?

That, according to the LA Times, "newly created jobs go mostly to men"?

That the poverty level rate among women is at its highest level in 17 years?

That more than 40 percent of single mothers live in poverty?

Is this really a president that women should support? The majority voted for a change four years ago—and are we better off? Women are much smarter than the current administration gives them credit for … we can think and we can decide what is best for our families and our future.

Now is the time to make a better choice. That choice for President of the United States is Governor Mitt Romney. Women need a president who is better equipped to turn this economy around, create more jobs and give women th...

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