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Letter: Wittman neither listens nor represents

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Yesterday I received Rep. Rob Wittman’s 2017 year-in-review email, citing statistics intended to impress us—how many constituent contacts, how many town halls—things to be counted, not learned from. At the bottom is his often-used picture I’m sick of seeing—a town hall regarding the House’s American Health Care Act. I was there. The event illustrated everything wrong with Rob Wittman.

The event was held in the sheriff’s reinforced concrete bunker with deputies on hand, apparently because Wittman was nervous meeting constituents face-to-face. I don’t recall anyone voicing support for the Republican bill, which the press frequently characterized as “deeply unpopular”—so unpopular that even Republican constituents opposed it. Attendees were deeply concerned, even frightened, many having serious health issues. They told Wittman they could not afford to be thrown to the insurance wolves with preexis...

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