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Letter: Will the real Mark Warner please stand up

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Spin is the essence of modern politics. It occurs when mass media and politicians take a real event like Hurricane Katrina and create a narrative thought to be helpful to Democrats or Republicans. This becomes revealed truth to those who don’t have time to read a good newspaper or think for themselves, against which all the saints could argue in vain. Sen. Mark Warner is a master of spin and it has served him well.

One could cite just two votes Warner has cast that make a mockery of his oft-spun claim to be a force for moderation and compromise. The first would be his vote, joined by Sen. Tim Kaine, to discard an historic role of the U.S. Senate as a brake upon the power of a president to fill judicial and executive offices.

Prior to that, confirmation required a three-fifths vote. Democrats changed that to a simple majority and President Obama has already made use of it to fill places on federal courts of appeal with judges thought to be reliably libe...

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