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Letter: Why not Socialism?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

What could be so wrong with Socialism; after all, a number of Democratic candidates for president are trying to out socialize one another. Maybe we should take a close look at Socialism to see what they are espousing. Socialism has been around for over a hundred years but we haven’t heard much about it until the last few decades.

That was because the time for exposure wasn’t right. America had not been fully conditioned to accept Socialism until recently. Now Socialist/Marxist candidates like Cortez, Sanders and Warren know that they have adequate support to make a run.

People need to understand that Socialism is actually soft Communism. It is in fact the evolutionary step to hard Communism. It is the ultimate lie which promises prosperity, equality, and security, but delivers the exact opposite: poverty, misery, inequality and tyranny. Socialist regimes also called Communist, and Marxist and People’s Republic have been responsible for the ...

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